monday rambles

*This past week was a busy one. Maxwell had his preschool program and did a fabulous job.  The boy was very serious about getting the songs correct that he refused to smile or wave to us.  He might have actually been trying to ignore his little sister who was shouting his name every couple minutes.  Sorry to all those parents who videoed the program. That was our sweet Betsy who had situational turret's syndrome. You are welcome for the 147 times you will hear "Max" shouted on your video treasure.
Grampy and Mimi celebrating with Max!

*EllaKate and I had a great week together. This week she finally made my dream come true and let me put a side ponytail in her hair.  I will admit that it's not my best work, it needed a bit more height (if possible). But when she suggests it as we are running out the door for school, you don't wanna miss the opportunity.  I hope that she gives me many more opportunities.  I am also glad that she doesn't have an older sister that sees your perfectly coiffed side pony and yanks it to the back of your head on the way to school....

*The side pony did wonders because EK actually snuggled up with me outside Friday afternoon.  She might have taken so many pictures on my phone that the battery died, but she did get this one.

* Zack and I got to escape for a bit this weekend.  New job perks involved a Royals game, luxury tailgate and a night away.  We also discussed our upcoming 10th anniversary. Ten years of love and pure bliss, or as my loving husband put it..."10 years without killing each other" Hey whatever works.  I googled the traditional 10 year anniversary gift, it involves tin or aluminum.  After careful thought, we decided on PVC, and are going to get each other a new sewer pipe. (I'll give you a minute to gasp in awe)  The sewer backup that happened as we were trying to leave for our night away helped us decide on our present.  I'd say no poop in your basement is a great gift for any anniversary. Just saying.  Possibly our 11th anniversary we can take that return trip to St. Lucia?  

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