Easter photos.

*I love looking at everyone's Easter photos, I had hoped ours would go as smoothly.  We tried really hard this year and fell a bit short of the mark. My kids are catching on to the bribes, which do not seem to work when they have already consumed their weight in chocolate. I may or may not have told Max he could rip his shirt off like the Hulk if he would just keep it on for pictures.  Hey, whatever works, right? Here are some of our best attempts...

All sorts of issues here, but at least they are all on the same porch.
This started out as a family picture, then I shooed them away for lack of cooperation. So instead all 3 photo bomb the picture of Zack and I.   Nicely done
Mimi and the kids. Betsy is bellowing for Grampy to get in the picture and Max was distracted by something shiny.
Let's try again for all the kids together on the porch. Fail. Ek looks sweet and Max just gave Betsy a hit to the ribs for not paying attention. Double Fail.

The best one of the bunch if you ignore Max's moose impression, Betsy's odd smile, and Ek giving up. At least Grampy and Mimi did a nice job.

* I am really glad that I love the imperfect photos the best. whew. Now off to have a few chocolate eggs for breakfast.

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