*Hello from the land of Spring and snow.  This last weekend we did some serious Spring cleaning, which felt odd for many reasons, but especially due to the snow storm happening outside. This entailed washing all the bedding and actually dusting (not just "smearing it around" as zack informed me). I am still not sure how our marriage has lasted this long since Zack is allergic to dust and I am allergic to dusting. Anyway, we watched the snow fall and hosed out the house. Sunday afternoon was glorious to sit and bask in the our clean and dust free house. Now it is Tuesday and that feeling is fading quickly away. Such is life, it was good while it lasted.

Kitties taking a break from cleaning and warming up in the sun
*During our cleaning weekend we discovered that Betsy loves to vacuum.  The reason that I had children suddenly became crystal clear :)
I think I might keep her around for a bit longer.

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