helloooo friday.

*Thanks for everyone's kind comments and emails about the 2 year anniversary of Betsy's accident. I really appreciate it.  My friend Kelly explained how I was feeling the best,  "There are so many feelings. I think that it's OK and normal to feel blessed, but at the same time upset that it's happened in the first place" This girl is one strong momma and has been a source of inspiration and strength for me. Maybe someday she will write a blog that we can all benefit from :)

*This week started out a bit rough, but has only gotten better. I must admit we played my favorite game, "nighttime" several times on Monday.  It is a great game, which can be incorporated into several other games like, camping, slumber party and house. Be warned, it rarely works at actual bedtime.

 Mr. Max is on Spring Break this week, so he got to go spend a couple nights at Grampy and Mimi's. 
Pj's, homemade play dough and his favorite treat of gum. I will be lucky if this boy ever comes home. (which he has too...that hair needs cut!)
*The girls and I have had some fun of our around around here as well.
We had striped day. FYI she is not sporting a side pony (although we all know I have tried ) her other pigtail is apparently not quite even and therefore hiding. oops.

Betsy followed striped day rules as well.  These two are fashion twins. Watch out world.
A bit of serenading on the bike ride. Not sure why Ek is the one with the helmet on?

Attempting mad faces.
Aunt Katie got Ek a Ariel pool for her bday. Finally it was warm enough to play outside with it.
Everyone got their own personalize beach towel after swimming. I did flip them all over to provide a more PG blog post. It is never a dull moment around this place.
*Happy Friday!

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