Laundry is a must!

*This weekend consisted of some fashion successes and failures. I'll let you decide which is which.  I wore this number on Sunday.  Perhaps "do laundry" has been on the top of the list all week for a reason? I wore this proudly to the grocery store later in the day. I think that I brought some holiday cheer to several people, or at least made people feel better about their own attire.
Happy holidays from me to you!
 *Ek has decided to take Betsy under her wing as a fashion apprentice.  I think there could be a fashion line in the works later in life. We celebrated Max's birthday with my sister's family and these are the outfits that Ek selected. I seriously love them and their clothing choices. I mean really who I am to judge.

*Max spent most of the weekend is his new firefighter outfit from Grammo Jane. He did require that the girls and I sit on the couch for 30 minutes while he fought a raging fire in the kitchen. That was the best game ever. 

*Sunday was a great day. We spent most of the day outside playing with the sled.  I think if the weather reports are correct, we might actually get to play with the sled and snow. Double bonus.  For the record Zack dressed normally this weekend as he usually does, however there was an instance where he was sporting two different shoes :)
Betsy waiting on snow and upholding the law.

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  1. If there ever is a clothing line, I'm sure LuLu will be included in the fashion decisions, and stripes will be a staple in every outfit!
    I love reading about you and your family!


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