tattoos and teeth.

*Hello from the healthy train, it has been awhile since we have ridden it.  Ek was down for 6 days with the high fever junk and I had strep, but thankfully no other kid got sick! During this time of illness I would collapse on the couch when Zack got home.  I learned that washable markers are a must for any household, but especially when your kids tattoo you while you take a power nap.
Ella Kate's handiwork.  I love the diversity with the Christmas tree and duck/dog. Betsy's art is the abstract piece near the elbow.
Max drew a nice scene on my calf. 
*EllaKate was excited to be fever free and make it back to school in time for picture day. She was so excited to wear her new birthday outfit.  Her pictures were first thing in the morning. This was a good thing.  Later in the day she took a header from the jungle gym onto the rocks.  She arrived home with holes in her outfit and a scraped up face.  Then yesterday I yanked lovingly pulled her tooth out which left a giant bloody gap.  My what a difference a day makes.

*Today there is no school, however we used up all our entertainment during sick days, so today could be interesting.  I wonder if I can make doing laundry entertaining?

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