Another snow day!

*Hello from the land of snow days. For those keeping track, this is day 5 of being snowed in, day 3 of no school. Shockingly enough we are having a great time. It helps that everyone loves playing in the snow, so most of the day is dressing/undressing for the snow.
A bit of street sledding.
Mostly snow eating
Super dad pulling
when the only sled is full, use a shovel.  A bit white trash, but works like a charm.

* We finally caved and tried out the "snow ice cream" that everyone is talking about.  It is surprisingly fantastic. I personally have eaten our entire backyard of snow.  A couple tips, number one being the no yellow snow rule, number two is do not scoop snow that is close to the bird feeder. Unless you like a nutty flavor to your ice cream :)  Happy snow day!

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