*Let's jump right in, shall we... my birthday was a couple days ago. I'll pause so you can quickly put my bday card in the mail :) I turned 36, my ex BFF Carla told me that 36 is the new 40. I really will miss her. My birthday was a bit up and down, here's a quick recap.

-UP: Ek wished me happy birthday
-DOWN: she told me i looked older
-UP: took the time to fix my hair and put on some makeup (it is my bday after all)
-DOWN: Betsy was on the toilet doing the "dooty" when she hacked up all the mucus in her body (She has had a groooooosssssss cold for several days). This hit me, my beautifully coiffed hair, betsy, floor, tub, my clothes etc. I will admit that I stood in horror for a bit thinking "Did I want to be a mom? Where's my mom? Does this happen to anyone else? Maybe it time to find a paying gig? It's my flipping birthday! What end do I wipe up first?"  I snapped out of it and launched into seasoned mom mode and got everyone/everything cleaned up.
-UP: lunch delivered by my sweet friends Julie and Kami. Brilliant idea
-UP: naps for everyone!
-DOWN: Betsy hacks on me again.
-DOWN: Betsy repeats again. On me.
-UP: Parent arrive. Dad and I go for coffee (since I now am a coffee drinker)
-UP: Parents bring flowers, dinner, balloons and gifts. Yay!
-UP: delivery of a jug of my favorite sweet tea from Tonya and Ryan
-DOWN: Betsy ends the night hacking up on me and her bed.
-UP: Zack saves the day with a great bday card and Target gift card!

*It was an up and down day, but ended with the up's winning. I did start out in nice hair and stain free shirt and ended up with ponytail and stained shirt, but had a great day no matter what. Thanks to my hubby, parents and all my sweet friends for such a great day. 

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