change of plans.

*Morning. I am tired and to be honest a bit cranky this morning. So be warned this post will be all bullet points with run on sentences.  I won't blame you if you give up reading halfway through.

*Friday I had dreams of leaving my children with my parents on Sunday night, then headed to Topeka. Zack has training there all day today (Monday) so we were going to spend the night, then I was going to have the day alone to goof around. Instead our weekend went like this.

*Friday. Betsy decides she is done with diapers. Usually this would be time to rejoice, but this momma needed some time to be mentally prepared. The mad dashes to the bathroom in every public place and laundry laundry laundry. I shamefully admit I tried to dissuade her for a bit longer. This child knows what she wants and gets it done.  I tried a last ditch effort. I told her she could wear underwear if she let me put her eye in. (for the last several months I have been unable to put it in unassisted. She is a fighter) On this day...she laid down like she had been hit by a tranquilizer dart. It was the easiest thing ever. Betsy wins again.  The accidents have been few and far between, but when they do happen, they are interesting places. For example the arm of the rocking chair. Odd.  So without charts, candy and other bribes, this kid is pretty much potty trained. Impressive.

*Also Friday, Ek decides to change things up a bit and break out in hives. Always this girl likes to do things on Friday nights.  She had a severe reaction to a Sulfa drug that she was on earlier in the week. It was awful, Benadryl did not make a dent, she was swollen, black and blue from poor circulation and itchy as all get out.  It was like we had  great grandma living with us, her joints were so swollen that it was hard for her to walk.  Now she is on a steroid and starting to improve. Needless to say we blew past our old record of movie watching this weekend.

*So Sunday night Zack heads off for Topeka and I stay here with the kiddos.  Why do kids act extra crazy when dad's away?  Betsy spent a good hour hollering "cock-a-doodle-do" in her bed. After I tossed her bed (kinda like a jail cell) I came up with 9 stuffed animals and 11 random toys. I think they all were asleep by 10:30 pm and up at 7am.  Thank goodness Grampy and Mimi are headed here today!

*Another quick note. Apparently my email got hacked so sorry to all my friends who got a crazy early email from me.  My friend Vinnie said that she was glad to at least hear from me, I try to stay in touch any way I can! 

*Now off to wrangle some kids.

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