The deer and the giraffe

*Morning. This is how I have felt lately. A bit of a deer in headlights (thanks for taking such a flattering birthday photo, dear husband). We have just had lots happening around here, now I feel like I might have it all together again....sorta.

*I did escape by myself a couple nights ago. I found this doll thing for Betsy. Shockingly enough it was on clearance for $2, so I couldn't pass it up.  I realize that this is so wrong, but yet so right. The added bonus that the word eye is showing on her shirt brings it full circle.  Almost 2 years later I still haven't used up all my eye jokes. 

*Grampy, Betsy and I headed to Super Bud (the eye guy) on Monday.  Betsy's conformer had been turning around so we needed to get it adjusted.  The visit went well minus having to wrestle her to get it in/out. I decided it was like trying to wrangle a baby giraffe.  She was able to move her head in unnatural ways to keep her eye away from us, but we were able to get it done.
Cruising in our pj's to Bud's.
Performing escape moves tires this baby giraffe out!

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