The big ocean in the sky

*Last night we lost a friend. Ariel the mermaid.  It started out like any other bath time, but ended with lots of screaming and tears. Apparently Ariel got sucked down the drain. Max tried his hardest to pull her back up, but to no avail.  He was left with a mermaid tail in his hand. I am to blame for her demise. I did pull the plug, to the tub anyway. However, there is a small bit of me that thinks it might have been an escape attempt on her part. We shall never know.  The kids were a bit traumatized about losing her.  A rescue attempt was staged.
The initial rescue attempt. Several strategies were utilized, hangers, shop vac and prayers.
What's left of our friend Ariel. 
*There was a long discussion on where we think Ariel went. Zack did tell Ek he would call the water treatment plant and have them keep an eye out for her.  I tried to reason with them about how all water leads to the ocean and therefore she could end up finding her mermaid family. This comment was met with a high pitched response from Ek "But she doesn't have her tail. She can't swim" This is true, but maybe she made a raft from all the long hair of mine and ek that lives in the drain? 

A picture of Ariel by Ek, to aid in her safe return.
*Sadly a full recovery is not expected (after all we are holding her tail).  Ariel is no longer with us, but hopefully floating on her hair raft to find her real family, or perhaps she is at Walmart waiting on us to purchase her again.  


  1. Sending condolences your way....

    1. Tatiana-thank you so much. Don't you live close to the ocean? If so maybe you could keep an eye out for her :)

  2. I'm pretty sure all mermaids grow new tails any time they need to :) Ariel is living happily ever after with her mermaid family now.

    1. So glad that you had this tip on mermaid tail growth. I might have repeated this information to my kids :)


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