It's a Tuesday.

*Morning. Not much to say today (if my husband is reading this, he just fell out of his chair), but we are on the go today.  Here are a few pictures of our daily life lately.
hoping for colder weather!
Spider man pj's + band aids+ monkey= ready for anything.
The playhouse was the best gift ever, although I have had to pull Betsy off the roof a couple times.
Sometimes life is hard and a bucket helps get a bit of privacy.
*Now Max off to preschool and Betsy and I are going to terrorize the library. Should be good times all around.


  1. Can you tell I'm just catching up on reading your blog?! I'm so far behind. Love the glimpses into your everyday life! We watched a video at church this last week of a model who lost her eye in an accident. My 9 year old, Abi, turned and looked at me and said "Just like Betsy Kate!" Made me smile to know that even my kids love your kids even though they don't really "know" each other :)

    1. That is so sweet. Maybe someday they could actually meet! :)


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