Birthdays and pixie dust

*Morning. It dawned on me that I have never posted anything about Betsy's birthday party. It was going to be a fantastic party, but then turned into a "mom has strep for the second time again in 2 weeks party" Grampy, Mimi and our good friend Jenny (who also makes the wonderful cakes) braved the festivities. We missed my sister's family, but since there was cake and gifts, Betsy managed to have a good time. One of her gifts was a new playhouse. She LOVES it!
EEEEEEKKKKKKKK it's all mine.  
You realize I'm 2 and you put fire in front of me...right?
This is my favorite balloon that only lasted 12 minutes until my brother popped it.
I recently read a blog post about how mom's rarely get in pictures. When they do get pictures taken of themselves they are few and far between. The post discussed not worrying about how you look, but realizing how important it is that your kids see pictures of you in the photo albums. (not the best paraphrasing but hope you get the picture) So here I am at the party. A bit hopped up on DayQuil and a Z pack with menthol cough drops on my breath. I also added a nice stain on my shirt for posterity. (hey quit staring at my chest) HA.

*Last night Zack informed me that 2 of his college friends would be stopping by momentarily. This was in the evening when "beat down momma" fashion is in full swing. I needed some pixie dust and eye of newt to pull together an acceptable appearance. In the end I had to go with extra deodorant and dimmed lighting. I need to remember that it's more important to see good friends, than worry about appearance. However, I am going to still try to find some pixie dust for next time.

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  1. You seriously crack me up. Dimmed lighting? That was genius!


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