christmas hangover

*Raise your hand if you have a Christmas hangover. This girl has one.  We had such a wonderful time celebrating with family, its hard to see it all end. It is also hard to see all of the stuff we were blessed with pile up in the kitchen. I am suppose to be finding homes for everything today...

*I have a feeling that blog posts will be few and far between in the next week. My to-do list is a long one. I also have to weed through the tons of photos on the camera. Here are a couple from my phone that I love.
Trying for the grandkid pictures. I believe they are all yelling "NOG".  I think that Betsy is looking for  an escape route.
A little day after Christmas reading time with Mimi. 
*Hope you had a wonderful holiday. It hit me pretty hard how blessed we are with such a loving family. My goal is to remember this everyday, not just the holidays. It would help me to remember if my wonderful family would show up and help me clean...just a thought.

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