catch up rambling biddy style.

*Hello snowy Monday. It's been awhile since I have posted.  Shall we catch up rambling biddy style....yes we shall.

*Big news around here is Zack got a new fancy job. Exciting stuff.  I never could quite understand his old job and this new one is even more confusing. So let's just say congrats to the new Manager of Water Chemistry.  (Just reading that makes me want to lay my head down on a desk like in high school chemistry/physics class)  He is excited to work for a new company and I am rushing around getting everyone into the doctor before our insurance changes.

*A little eye catch up for Betsy. She having some issues with her conformer. So if you have some room on your prayer list please stick her on there. We are having to take it out every other day and give her eye a couple days rest.  Her real eye is very irritated and she is just not having a great time. We will be going to visit Super Bud real soon. While you are at it, stick me on the prayer list too, having some issues being calm about this. Thanks so much.

*Christmas was a wonderful time. However I did run out of Christmas cheer when re-packing all the decorations away. Let's hope that they all survive being shoved in the boxes quickly.  Here are a couple pics from the big day

Merry Christmas!

Max is not a morning person until after his juice. Christmas morning is no exception.
This is the best attempt at a family Christmas picture.
Betsy was not a fan of getting help unwrapping her gifts.

Captain America/Max
*Big news....ARIEL HAS RETURNED. Grammo Jane saved the day and reunited Ek and Ariel. It was a happy day around here.  In related events, our friend Julie also gave us a drain plug as a Christmas gift. So we are set around here!
Ah Ah Ah Ah Staying Alive,  Staying Alive. Ariel's staying alive.
*All good on the home front, now to convince the kids that folding laundry is fun...

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  1. You are in my prayers. I can't imagine the stress this is for you and, reading your posts, I think you are doing great!


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