School and Mr. T

*Hello Tuesday! We survived the weekend and even managed to clean the house, which no one can tell now.  Zack had to work all day Saturday with his business, so the kids and I loaded up and headed to Grampy and Mimi's. A great way to spend the day. Aunt Katie even showed up for a bit, so we could do our "give me all the junk you brought from your house and I'll fill up your vehicle with new junk" routine.  It's like Christmas every time.
Our favorite Aunt Katie (aka Aunt Tatie)
*Ek started all day Kindergarten yesterday. She raved about finally eating lunch at school and no more naps at home.  Little does she know there will still be mandatory naps on weekends! Max also had Preschool today, so Betsy and I have had a full 2 1/2 hours together! This is her thought on being the only kid at home...
Take one kid at home + footy pj +dress + enough necklaces to please Mr. T = one happy Betsy!
*Now off to discuss paring down the jewelry for Preschool pickup. My guess is she will be wearing the entire ensemble.


  1. I might look like that too if I got to spend an entire morning with you. How fun!!

    1. I talked it over with Betsy and we both decided that you are invited anytime. You might bring your own jewelry, Betsy seems to be using all ours :)

  2. Please don't worry - Danielle has enough to bring along! :)



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