cartwheels and climbers

*This week started off with trying to impress Ek with my one handed cartwheel move.  It was a cool mom moment. I did make sure that all kids were clear of my flailing limbs.  The next morning my 35 year old body disagreed with the cool mom moment, and reminded me why 35 year olds don't attempt one handed cartwheels. bleh.

*Ek likes helping me fold the laundry. This week she confused my underwear for a shirt. She will not be helping with the laundry anymore.

*Betsy found a new piece of furniture to scale. I think that maybe the grippers on her footy pj's might be her secret weapon.

*Since she now can climb the changing table, she has all sorts of new toys.  Last night she emptied the powder. (which on a side note the room has never smelled better) I did manage to nab the lotion and hand sanitizer before she got those.
The nose sucker has provided lots of entertainment. It has taught me not to close my eyes and lay on the floor.  I think she looks like a mini ghostbuster, or snot buster.
A quick demonstration to show you it won't hurt.
*The older two have been getting along quite nicely today. Of course it's only 9 A.M., but still its an accomplishment.
the pics are a bit grainy, but considering they took these themselves with my cell phone, not too shabby.
pretty sure he is the cutest spider man ever.
*Happy Friday! Now I'm off to see how long I can ignore all the big chunks of junk around the house. Pretty sure with some motivation I can ignore them all day.

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