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*Morning. Sorry that I have been MIA. We have had a busy week. I decided to get strep for the 2nd time in 2 weeks. I like to time things like this to coincide with other important events like Betsy's 2nd birthday. (pics coming later) Anyway, a shot in the hip and more drugs and I am back among the living. Not to be outdone, Ek got a staff infection in her finger so we had a fun week.

*Today is the start of a new week so we are trying to stay healthy and sane. Both a bit questionable, but its a goal.  On the bright side, here are a couple of our family pictures from our session with Cassoday Harder Photography. (Look her up on fb. She is great!)

*Now we are off to tackle the post party cleanup :)

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  1. Great, great, great photos! You are just so stinkin' photogenic! And that Betsy, can she get any more adorable?!

    Sorry you've been sick. Maybe you got it all out of the way before the holidays {{fingers crossed}}


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