It's a Monday.

*Morning. This weekend went quick.  There was lots of cleaning inside/out, laundry and a fun birthday party thrown in.  To make sure that it was a bit more crazy, we added poison ivy, more strep throat and a staff infection. Stick with us. We know how to party.  The time change is not an issue in this house either. The kids go to bed late and wake up earlier. Extra hour of sleep, we laugh in your face.  Of course a couple hours later and everyone is a bit grumpier.  The plus side, since everyone is up at 6:15 am for school, I do have time to wrestle the Muppet hair into something more manageable.  Don't fret it won't last for long.

Betsy's new fun. Playing ghost. All.the.time.  I have lost count of the number of walls and furniture she has run into.  Good thing we found her glasses.  

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