candy candy

*Morning. Our week has been a blur, hence the lack of blog posts.  We survived Halloween, now just have the arguments over how early candy consumption begins everyday.  This year we had a cowgirl, spider man and a superhero ladybug.  Pictures to follow once I download from the camera, which will happen right after I locate it.

*The kids finally are all healthy, then I decided to come down with strep throat. I tried my best to cure it with Halloween candy, but finally gave in and went to the Dr. I do recommend first trying to cure anything with chocolate. Hey its worth a shot!

*Betsy's glasses have been MIA for the last couple days. She has been wearing her sunglasses around, thankfully she loves this.  I called and ordered her a new larger pair in hopes of then finding her other ones. Yup. This plan worked like a charm. I found her glasses tangled up in Max's bed sheets last night. So now we will have a back up pair.

*Ek informed me that she is NOT a fan of the sunlight in her face at breakfast every morning. So she came up with her own plan yesterday.
*Its not the most attractive, but it does the trick. I also need to remember to buy more tape.

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