birthdays and bananas

*First things first. A birthday shout out to my Dad/Grampy! Happy Birthday! The party was a couple days early so we could all celebrate.We love you and hope your day is great.
almost everyone was smiling!
*Good thing Grampy is such a good sport. There were a couple kids that wanted to put candles on his cake that were their ages instead of his.  So we celebrated his 453rd birthday.

*Yesterday Betsy and I went to vote. While standing in line we made friends with a woman who I guessed was 103. Kudos to her for wanting to learn how to use the voting machines. She was really sweet and played with Betsy. She asked me if Betsy's glasses were pretend. I said...yes. Because I decided why plague this sweet woman with a crazy story about a fake eye. The woman thought that was cute that I let her wear dress up glasses in public. I figure now we will see this woman everywhere we go :)

*Betsy was in rare form the other day. She played dr, complete with ek's shoes, a fairy headband, Halloween book and backwards stethoscope.  This girl always keeps life interesting.

paging dr crazy. paging dr crazy.

*All in all our day was pretty great yesterday. Max and Betsy started a new tradition of late night banana eating while laying on the table. They were having such a great time, that I didnt' stop it. I know I will regret that today! Now off to do something that is not on my to-do list :)


  1. Wow! Where in the world did you have that party? That home looks uh-mazing. I love what they did with the candy corn vinyl tablecloth. Classy.



    1. It was an amazing house. I think you can rent it out for parties. The Halloween decor will cost extra.

  2. Update: Halloween decor is now all year long decor. No extra charge.


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