muppets and movies.

*Morning! First off a quick ramble about blogging. How do some people blog everyday? I just can not find time in my everyday life. Those around me might hope that I focus more on my hairstyle on a daily basis instead. Currently my hair is sponsored by Jim Henson and the muppets. Seriously I am the missing muppet.

*We are now on round 12 of this viral cough, cold and fever junk.  I sure hope that Netflix does not have some sort of monitoring system that alerts SRS when you have watched a massive amount of online movies. If so we might be in trouble...

*I had to take Betsy in to the local Dr. on Saturday for her eye. Her good eye was red and bloodshot so I did not want to wait until Monday to get it checked out. I always get a bit crazy about taking her to a new Dr, but this time answering all the eye questions did not make me too nauseous.  Betsy did refuse to get on the scale, so we had to do the lovely step on together move and then weigh me separately.  I especially loved the part where the nurse questioned if she could do this high of math in her head. Let me make it easy on you honey, round my weight down to 100.

*Max likes to perform tricks. Some are successful, some not so much. This weekend he was practicing walking with his eyes closed. He now has a rather large bruise in the middle of this head thanks to the door frame. We believe that he also got a reverse concussion. The hour following the head bonk, this kid would not.shut.his.mouth.  Seriously, as in we might have lost the patience answering all his questions that we put him down for a nap a little after noon.  He is now back to normal....kind of.

*Have you all tried the Pledge Multi surface cleaner? I'm guessing it's great stuff. Ek wanted to help me clean on Saturday, so I handed her a new bottle of this and a rag. An hour later the house smells REALLY clean, the bottle is empty, the windows have been opened for air quality control, and there is not a speck of dust anywhere. Did I mention this kept her busy for an hour? I may be buying 3 more bottles today. So if you drive by and see all the doors and windows open in this freezing weather my kids are cleaning! Totally worth it.

*Now off to start yet another movie and round of medicine. Should be a really fun day around here!


  1. Funny! I get it, totally. First, my husband told me I woke up with a bouffant (a word I had to look up before spelling) and then he actually called me from work to get an update on my hair situation. That should give you an idea of how ridiculous my bedhead is (I mean was. maybe.) Also, I agree about multi-surface pledge. It's fantastic for kids and husbands, but definitely open the windows! I wish they made a diluted version!

  2. Wow. A boffant. Now that is high class bed head :). Atleast he calls to check on the progress:). I think my husband just prays it is rectified before he gets home!

  3. I've totally fallen off the blog wagon. Glad to hear it's a struggle for you once in a while too :)

    Love your stories. You're always good for a laugh or two!


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