Black Tuesday shopping.

*Hi. First off thank you for all your prayers for Little M. I got an email from his momma and he did great! He is so adorable and has the same glasses as Betsy, but obviously in blue. I think someday they will be friends :)

*Black Friday shopping is not for me. I do most of the deals online if needed. This year however my friend Julie and I hosted our own Black Tuesday. This involved leaving our families right after dinner, multiple shopping stops, numerous refreshments breaks and great deals that made us very excited. We rolled back to our sleepy homes about 2 a.m. hopped up on sugar and giggles. I may or may not have been busted several times by Julie for random dancing in the aisles at Walmart. No apologies on my part, when the Christmas music is blaring at 1:15 a.m. how can you NOT dance?  A quick 4 hour nap and we were tossed back into daily life. I am now heading for a quick nap before school pickup that I'm hoping will carry me until bedtime. If not, the employees at Sonic will get a glimpse of last nights makeup and hair that only a 80's rock band could love.

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