Enough with the leftovers...

*Hello. It's been a whirlwind long weekend. First off, my previous post of having the day to do nothing but nap...didn't happen. Why is it so hard to sleep when the house is crazy quiet? Blerg. I did have a clean house and a completed to-do list, but no nap. Let me tell you how I feel about that, currently it's 8:07 and momma wants a nap!

*We are still celebrating Thanksgiving around here with leftovers. Our family tradition is putting up the Christmas tree and decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving. This was the first year we had a speed contest with decorating. When you have the Tasmanian devil (Betsy) helping you with all the breakables, you find a spot for everything fast.  Most everything survived with only a few ornaments currently under the assistance of super glue.
The "helpers" Also the twice a year cleaning of the cubbies. Exciting stuff around here!

*After the shotgun decorating, the kids worked on their Santa letters. I tried to get them to wait a couple more days, but the were a insistent.  Ellakate asked for a new baby sister. After I choked a bit and told her no, she added a new mom to her list.  Her stocking is going to be a bit slim this year and so is Zack's since he was a bit too curious about this new mom.

*I would like to ask for a bit of prayer this morning. I met a mom through my blog, whose young son is going through the beginning stages of getting his conformer this morning.  I would like to ask that you send up a quick prayer for little M and his family today.  We all know how awesome you all are at praying for eye things :)  

*Hope your Monday goes fast.

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