Tylenol eye

*Betsy has been sick with the cold cough junk.  So this has meant short naps and short nights.  I discovered that it burns pretty good when your almost 2 year old spits rejected Tylenol into your eye. Trust me on this, no need to try it at home.  I also found out that in the middle of the night when Betsy hacks up her recently consumed glass of water on to my bed, that I may or may not just cover the spot up with my pillow and go back to sleep.  Not a proud moment, I promise the sheets are already in the wash.

*Since the entire family was feeling kind of blah, I decided to make our favorite meal.  Great idea except for the part where I decided to tweak it a bit. Epic fail.  Basically the meal consists of omelets cooked in muffin tins. Seriously easy, unless you forget to put any seasoning in due to the above mentioned burning Tylenol eye. Also go the lazy route and put them in Santa cupcake wrappers so you do not have to wash your muffin tin.  A side note, for fun burn the muffins as well.  We all sit down to dinner with bland eggs that are a grayish blue color due to the Santa wrappers bleeding into them.  A couple even had Santa's face imprinted on the bottom. (Not the holiday spirit I had hoped for ) There was also a weird poached egg/hard boiled taste instead of an omelet one.  Needless to say I was the first one to offer up a PB&J as consolation prize.  A comment was uttered about possibly using my cooking in the prison system.  Perhaps as part of a scared straight program.  I'll look into it today.

*This girl claims to never take naps.  My guess is naps sneak up and attack her when least expected. I'm really hoping I get one of these today.
The above photo shows a  nap attacked Ek in her sisters bed. Very rare and from the looks of it, a bit uncomfortable.

*Now I'm going to tackle the dirty Santa face imprinted muffin tins. By the looks of them I might just pitch them and add a new item on my Christmas list :) Bonus.

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