art for sale.

*Hello to Monday. Our weekend was pretty great, especially since I got to sleep in until noon on Saturday. NOON people. That hasn't happened since before kids, unless you count a couple random bouts of flu.  So I have no complaints about my weekend. Just for the record I did let Zack sleep in the following day.

*EllaKate has started playing school all the time. This involves gathering siblings and every stuffed animal that can't escape.  All students must raise their hands and usually can only be dismissed if rescued by a passing mom. 

*Last night was our annual block party. The weather was fantastic and I never have any complaints about the food. We even had marshmallows bigger than Betsy's head (thanks Millie!) so how can it not be a great time.

*Ellakate and Max spent most of yesterday creating Halloween masterpieces. They then taped them to the outside of the house in hopes that people would stop and purchase them. Ek even set out a plastic bowl with a quarter taped to it so everyone would know how much they cost.  After a couple hours the sales were non-existent, so Ek stepped it up a notch and informed everyone at the block party about the masterpieces for sale.  Her sales pitch involved a comment about how sales were going towards purchasing clothes for our family and hopefully some Christmas gifts. In a matter of minutes they were sold out.  I have never seen $2 make two kids so happy.  I think that the money has gone straight to their heads, because they were already having discussions about replenishing their inventory.  So if you are in the market for some art, you know where to find it. Just remember to bring your quarter.


  1. I am always in the need for new refrigerator art!

    1. Great! We will try to have a shipment out to you later this week:)

    2. I'll get may quarters ready!


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