Target and tap dancing.

*Last night I got to spend the evening with my favorite girls.  Shopping at Target and laughing all evening was quite refreshing.  Our purchases involved a rather large futon.  We were all a bit shocked when we found that a giant suburban could barely contain it.  Kudos to Kami and Carla for braving the backseat (which may or may not have been securely latched due to said giant futon) All in all we had a great time and are already trying to schedule another trip (Hopefully there aren't any hubby's reading this post)

*I decided that my rough feet are crazy overdue for my yearly pedicure. Currently my heals look like I spend my time walking on hot coals.  I believe this is due to constantly wearing flip flops or going barefoot all year long.  Yesterday I was walking barefoot in the kitchen when I heard a clicking sound. This sound was similar to tap shoes, now I'm no Ben Vereen (there's a throwback for you), so I looked at the bottom of my foot and found a thumb tack was buried in my heal. YOWZA. Thank goodness that I apparently have tougher feet than originally thought.  So I picked it out and decided that now it was time to pay some poor soul to spend an hour trying to get all the dead skin off.  Aren't you glad that I shared this tidbit of information with you :)

*The two big kids are spending a couple days with Grampy and Mimi.  So Betsy and I are suppose to be cleaning the house and having some quality time.  After a long discussion it was decided that naps together was a sure fire way to get some great quality time in.  So that's where we are headed after I schedule a pedicure :)

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