Rambling tidbits #104

*More rambling tidbits today. Basically my way of feeling better about my run on sentences.  If you read out loud, remember to take really big breaths to make it through this post.

*If someone told me 10 years ago that I would be a stay at home mom, I would have laughed. Now I can't imagine putting on big kid pants and going to work. Errr I mean leaving my kids everyday (really though the big kid pants). If someone told me 2 years ago that I would spend a couple evenings a week searching in the dark for a fake eyeball, I would have laughed. Now I am spending several nights doing exactly this thing. Miss Betsy has figured out that popping the eye out and flinging it around the room is a sure fire way to get 10 more minutes out of bed. (whew sorry if you about passed out reading that sentence, I did warn you to take big breaths.) Anyway, searching for the said eyeball is what I did last night. Finally found it! Based on the trajectory, my guess is she likes bouncing it off the wall.   Hearing her singsong voice yell "eye out eye out" and then giggle is now a reality. We are big into charts around here, so maybe a "keeping your eye in" chart needs to be in the works. :)

*Zack recently was a speaker at a local convention.  He then received a giant box of steaks as a thank you.  Even more exciting was the dry ice they were packed in.  They provided an entire evening of entertainment and when paired with cocoa, completes a great family bonding time.
Dry ice, the new winter night entertainment?
*Ek is becoming such a great help. We do however need to work on her spatial relations. It's no wonder we are always out of yogurt!

*The new crazy craze around here...spotlight dancing. I have spent several looooonnnnggg dance sessions holding the flashlights. Who knew the Backyardigans cd was so flipping long. It's also hard to make dinner in the dark while trying to keep the spotlight on spastic tiny dancers! 
If you look closely you can see DJ Betsy on the counter...
*Now off to do something that involves cleaning..blech.


  1. Thank you for the giggles this morning :)

  2. Introducing me to this blog was at least the second best thing my sister has ever done for me. Too funny!


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