Pajama day.

*Its a cold and rainy Friday around here. I am loving it. No school for Ek today, so we are struggling to get out of the pajamas.  What fun problems.  

*This guy hasn't been getting much blog time lately. 
It's not due to lack of entertainment. He's just a hard one to catch with the camera.  Max is a hilarious boy, who has perfected the quiet sneaky side.  He seems to find things to do that are on the borderline of getting him trouble. There is also the issue of that "melt your heart" smile that has been known to get him out of just about everything lately.  Last night I found him on the toilet eating a banana. He was pretty immune to the grossness of it all.  I must admit there was a brief moment of dry heaving on my part. Needless to say we have a quick discussion (while throwing the banana away) about the finer points of NOT eating in the bathroom.  

*Now to scrounge up something for lunch (which will not include bananas) and start the discussion of the benefits of napping on a cold rainy day.

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