quick tips to annoy your husband.

*Today I would like to share a couple quick and easy tips on how to annoy your husband. Send him random text messages every couple days. Examples that I have used are " What kind of gas does the chainsaw use?" or "Is the weed eater suppose to smoke really bad when you start it up?" Then when he immediately calls or texts back, be nonchalant and tell him you were just wondering.  I have also started a new habit around the house, coffee drinking. I am 35 and have NEVER liked coffee, but on a whim decided to drive Zack nuts and start drinking it.  The best part is to make comments throughout the day such as " Man you made a great cup of Joe this morning." or "Whew, only made it through the day thanks to coffee." Honestly it's really not that bad (I do add french vanilla creamer and splenda, however)  I have shared with people that I have started drinking coffee and then forget that I now drink it. My mom asked me in Kansas  City if I would like some coffee while we were waiting at the Dr's office. I gave her an odd look, then she reminded me that I was a coffee drinker now. Oh yes.

*Ek is growing up so quickly. She will start going all day to Kindergarten in a month, our schools go half day kindergarten for the first 9 weeks. I will really miss her during the day.  Mimi sent this dress of mine that she found packed away in the basement. It fits Ek perfectly, she of course adds her own flare with the rainbow leggings. Hilarious stuff.

the fancy silver dress and photo bomb from Betsy
*Well off to make a pot of coffee.  That just sounds odd, so let's be honest, it's more like a 1/2 of cup :)


  1. I am an official coffee drinker now, too! Although I don't know that I officially count, because I can only really drink coffee at my house. That way I can leave about an inch of space for creamer when I fill the cup. Sad, but true.

    1. Oh my. I am so not ready to drink coffee in public either :) I also require crazy amounts of creamer and splenda. It's more of a tan color really, little closer to cocoa. HA.

    2. I'm pretty sure you and I could drink "coffee" together. We should do that sometime. :)


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