Our weekend: jewelry and family pics.

*Morning. Our weekend was a cold blur. Thanks to my wonderful husband, I got to "help" with the Plane Jane booth at the barn sale for the whole day.  It was freezing and rainy, but thanks to a delivery of hot chocolate from Julie, we made it through. Actually make that 3 carafes full of hot chocolate, which was great for the chilly bones, not so great for the number of trips to the porta potty. In spite of the weather there was a great turnout and I think that lots of new people are now sporting Plane Jane charms. I also was able to spend the day with my sister and several friends, not to mention find some fun treasures. 

*Sunday afternoon we had our family pictures. Just in case you missed ours from last year, click  HERE.  Good times. Yesterday, I tried really hard to have everything go smoothly. Outfits were picked out and agreed upon. All was well. Then 20 minutes before we are to leave, everyone changes their outfits 9 times. I am still drying my hair, putting on makeup, finding my shoes, searching for earrings (never found) and poking myself twice in the eye with a mascara wand.  Why or why does the mother always get stiffed on time to get ready. This again is one of those things that they should have mentioned in the "What to Expect When You Are Expecting" book.  Plan on never having your eye makeup match again. The good side is that there was no time for me to fret over my outfit. I'm kinda surprised I didn't go in my sweats.  Finally, after two mad dashes back into the house and my hilarious husband doing the "move the car while I am trying to get in" move, we were on our way.  There might have been a quick stop off for some caffeine for moi, which helped since I had a couple tears that were threatening the one eye that actually had mascara on it.  Made it and only a couple minutes late.  Everyone gets a quick threat...."good smiles and everyone gets a pony, no smiles and it's sand for dinner" Not proud, but you do whatcha gotta do.  Hop out of the car and discover that Betsy has turned her eye around. What a great first impression on this sweet photographer. For a brief moment I thought about taking a couple pictures that way...hey it is our life. Quick eye rotation and we were off. The kids did great! Apparently, the sand for dinner threat works great. Only a few minor glitches such as Betsy picking her nose and discovering a fake smile that she used.a.lot.  The other two decided they only wanted individual photos taken. NICE. But we all pulled together and got it done.  Our sweet photographer Cassoday was a dream to work with. It helps that she has 5 younger sisters and knows how to work with kids. Check out her facebook  page!

*Today has only involved a massive cereal  spill onto every stuffed animal that we own. They all flock to the table in the morning. Why do I keep giving them cereal, it's the bane of my existence. Now I have to go check about purchasing some ponies.

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  1. You always know how to speak the truth and make me laugh!


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