playing catchup

*Today I am pondering this ...why can a certain almost 2 year old take a 2 hour nap and wake up cranky then the next day take a 7 minute power nap in the car and think the rest of the afternoon be playtime? Another question...how long of a run on sentence can I type? Apparently really long!

*Yesterday we loaded up and headed for another trip to K.C. Betsy, Mimi and I. It was a rather long day yet again. We started out at Dr. Stahl's for a nice short 3 hour visit. YOWZA. But we did get good news. Betsy's eye is holding pressure and remaining in good condition. So I felt like I could breathe a bit easier for awhile. Her good eye has great vision as well. After this visit we busted over to Bud's (super eye guy) to have him check her conformer. Betsy proceeded to take said 7 minute power nap and that was it for the naps all.day.long. Once again Bud tweaked her conformer to help with the fit and hopefully keep her from turning it repeatedly.  She was a superstar and I actually did not have to put her in a headlock to get her eye in. After a quick lunch at 2:30 we headed home. Mimi noticed about 10 miles down the road, that Betsy had turned her eye. So that lasted not very long.   I thought it was great that she could look straight ahead and also look to the left simultaneously.  This really helped me with lane changes. HA.  Quick stop to take the eye out and headed off again.  Needless to say we made it home with only minor tears from both of us :)  We now have a couple months break until our next visit.

*Tomorrow (if you are local) is the Barn Sale! Plane Jane Designs will be there again and have added fun new stuff.  Check FaceBook under Hesston Barn Sale for directions and information. They are close to 60 vendors with something for everyone. Hope to see you there! Don't forget your parka and cocoa.

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