yet another weekend recap.

*We are off and running this morning. I spent most of the morning hanging up pictures around the house. Or otherwise known as "how many holes can I put in the wall before I get it right" I'm sure my husband is grinding his teeth just reading that. Just trying to clear up the to-do list, honey.

*Our weekend was fabulous. Although my massage was cancelled again. Double blah. But I did get to hear Robin Macy sing "One-Eyed Betsy" again. This time I ended up dragging  taking my friend Carla and her daughter Abby. It works nicely that Abby and Ek are becoming great buddies, and I think Carla is pretty fantastic as well. So they braved the late concert start time with us. Carla was gracious enough to record it on my phone and if I can ever figure out how to upload it from my phone to my blog you can hear it too.  Fun time was had by all, even though I might have pumped Betsy full of fruit snacks to keep her awake for her song.  Here are a couple really really grainy photos from the concert. 
All smiles. The screen shot on her glasses is something it's taken quite awhile to master. For a small fee I'll teach you how to incorporate it into your photos. Geesh. 

Abby and Ellakate. They were both excited to be out on a "girls night" I promise neither of them were smoking, though the photos looks quite smoky.
*I wish I could have taken a picture of Carla's stellar arm muscles from holding the phone up for 6 plus minutes in a crazy hot auditorium. Did I mention she's a trooper?

*The rest of the weekend was spent outside in gorgeous weather. So now I'm off to tackle everything I put off to play outside :)

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  1. LOVE the new look of your blog! You've been busy.


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