Hiya Wednesday.

*Morning. So I updated the blog a bit. Now I see why people hire other people to do this for a living. Geez. A couple simple changes took me an entire evening. There are a couple things on the side that I know are a bit hard to read, so I will try to change the colors or something. Let's be realistic though, probably wont happen today :)

*We got Ellakate to school this a.m. Now I am listening to Max teach Betsy the ways of the 3 year old world.  Currently it consists of him trying to get her to say "bathroom words" then collapsing in fits of giggles.

*I did have a couple pictures to post, but due to current double cereal bowl spillage, it will have to be postponed. Hope your day is great and does not consist of scraping soggy cereal off the rug.

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