Friday Friday.

*Hey Friday. Welcome Back.  This week has been busy for us. We have had lots of friends over to play. Plus our first meeting of the "Friends who you think you know, but don't really know yet" or "FWYTYKBDRKY" It was a great time, we were missing a couple members, but hope to see them at the next meeting. If you still want to join, there are still applications left. I am wondering if after we have a few meetings we might have to change the name since we will then know each other? Whew problems problems.

*This week even though busy, has not lacked fashion sense. Ek started us off this week with a Rainbow Bright shout out.
Sorry the picture is not the greatest. But then again if bad photography annoys you, may I suggest kindly that you find another blog to read, because I don't see it improving anytime soon. 
This boy sported Spider man pj's all week.

Finally Elton John is still with us. All.the.time. Gotta love it.
*Our weekend consists of hearing Robin Macy sing "One-Eyed Betsy" again and a massage. (Last Saturday my massage was cancelled 10 min before my appointment. blah) I have had this massage gift card since Mother's Day. geez. So here' hoping it will finally happen. 

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  1. You always make me smile. A great way to start the weekend!


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