Where are the real adults?

*Hello Wednesday! I am glad to see you, even if you started us out without electricity. The donuts with Mom at Ek's school was much more entertaining as donuts in the dark.  Yesterday was a long day. There was too much parenting involved, lectures and learning hard lessons on growing up. My friend Tonya commented that sometimes it would be nice to call in the "real adults" to take care of these things. I must agree. Due to my excellent parenting skills, after a loooonnnggg afternoon of learning said life lessons, we had flu shots. What a way to add to the day.
I should have bought these. Too funny. Might require a return trip to Target.
*Betsy has added some new climbing tricks to her skills. I am in awe and terrified at the same time. She keeps me on my toes. Last night she and I had some struggles getting her into bed. I thought that she was finally laying quietly, but then Zack discovered her naked sitting in our bed. She was sitting with her bare bum on my pillow. Nice retaliation.  Zack was kind enough to remind me to change my pillowcase before bed. But I of course forgot. So I guess my sister was right all those years ago. I really am a butt head. :)
washing hands is our new Olympic sport
*This boy also showed his ornery side yesterday. I wish they would all pick different days to bring out their attitudes. 
I was playing nice, I promise.
*Our house may not be the cleanest, but this morning it SPARKLES! Thank you Betsy and glitter glue. Hope your Wednesday involves Tinkerbell exploding in your house also :)

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  1. Oh, SJ, you make parenting so much fun! Relish the bare bottom on the pillow, the climbing, the attitudes, and the sparkling house! These are just speed bumps! Without all of this, life would be hard! Love you all!


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