Stain free

*So take a wild guess at which one I put on this morning?

The nice part is it does say treat now, wash later! So I guess my pits will be stain free and I can wash them later (it says up to  7 days, which I will not test).
*Last week we had the local parade. The highlight for us is seeing Zack drive the fire truck and of course the candy. 
I love seeing ek's hand in the picture. She was so excited!
Waiting for all the fun to start!
*This weekend we actually successfully completed our to-do list. No easy task, but then a certain someone (ahem Zack) decided to repaint the house. So the success was short lived. Last time we painted there were no children yet and I might have fallen off the ladder twice. Once in a sticker bush and once onto the porch. So needless to say a sprayer will be used and I will be watching kids instead :)

*The parents came up yesterday. The men headed for golf and the rest of us to target. My mom graciously offered to sit in the car with sleeping kids for a bit, while I ran inside. I think that this was the closest I have ever come to being on a game show. Remember Super Market SweeP? I ran around like a crazy person trying to throw my entire list in the cart while trying to beat the "kids waking up clock." It was hilarious. Needless to say I got most of my list, helped unload kids and spent the remainder of the time stress-free in the toy aisle. Another win-win.

*Hope your Monday is off to a good start and you used actual deodorant.


  1. Sounds efficient to me... eliminated the yellow pit stains on your t-shirts before they even begin. Way to multi-task.

    1. Ha! Yes I try to multitask any way possible.


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