Tuesday ramblings.

*We are coming off a 4 day weekend. It was grand, but morning slapped us in the face. Whew. We did spend alot of time doing our outside summer projects just in time for fall. Oh well. Atleast we can cross them off the list. 
I tried to get ek and the fairies to pull weeds, but they politely declined and played in the shade instead.
Betsy spent most of her time in Delores the Dolphin swing. 
*We did discover that Betsy loves ice, so when she wasn't in the swing, she was sitting in a lawn chair with a giant cup of ice. This kept her entertained for an hour. I wonder if I can take a bag of ice with us to the grocery store this morning?

*We did try to mix in some fun. Sunday we met my parents and sister's family at the pool. Good times. It is a great pool and we had a blast. Ek said she wished we had a pool in our town. Oops. We do, but this momma wasn't up to taking all 3 by herself. Maybe next summer I'll fess up.
After swimming with her cup of ice. Life is good.
Captain Awesome/Austin is excited to swim
Ek longingly wishing we didn't have to leave.
*On the hour drive home from the pool, I decided in order to kill time that I would spill an entire bottle of hand sanitizer in my purse. The good news is that my entire purse and its contents are now germ free. So there's that. 

*We were also able to squeeze in the most important task on our to-do list. Naps. A weekend must.
We might have to buy a bigger rocking chair.
*Now on to Tuesday and the grocery store. Good times.


  1. I'm always laughing...with you of course. But thanks so much for ALWAYS brightening my day. :)

    1. Glad I can help out :) have a good weekend!


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