spanking bums and taking names.

*Happy Friday. It's been a looonnng week around these parts. Zack was gone most of the week for work, so my parents graciously came up to help out. They each came up for a night, so we got some good one-on-one time with each. Unfortunately a certain boy decided to use this time to test out some new tactics. Tactics that involve screaming, back talking and running from me. Yes. I was the mom having to catch her child and spank him in the middle of the Walmart parking lot. YUp. It was one of my finer moments. To top it off Betsy decides to spend 2 hours that night screaming for no reason. Grampy was a real trooper and a life saver. Mine and pretty sure my kids :) Mimi did get a bit better end of the deal with only a few tantrums. I really hope they come back... To top it all off Zack comes home last night and all 3 are well behaved and drift quickly off to sleep no complaints. Why does it ALWAYS work that way? Tonight I might load them up on 5 hour energy before bed and leave for the night. Kidding...I think.

*There are not any pictures on today's blog because it's a little hard to take any when you spend all week chasing and spanking. blah. Here's hoping for a much better weekend, which starts off with a Saturday morning massage for moi. It's looking good already.


  1. I LOVE the title of this post! Been there, done that. I've even escorted my kids out of church with a ping pong paddle in hand. Yep, I'm THAT mom.

  2. I read your blog daily, and you always make me laugh! Thanks for being honest and making me feel like a normal mom. You make my day!!


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