Love notes

*Back again. Had a long couple of days with cold/cough stuff around here. EllaKate stayed home from school yesterday due to her cold. I realized mid morning that it was picture day. So hello retake day! Such is life.  Late afternoon she rebounded and decided that she was up for playing outside/bike riding etc. So I got to give her the "no when you don't go to school, you need to stay inside and rest" speech. Talk about feeling like a true mom. So this was the note I received a bit later from her.
mom with daggers through it. Think this is a keeper.
*I found this picture of a poem that Zack wrote on the chalkboard awhile back. I think it shows how opposites attract.
A day at the spa...totally worth taking the well traveled path :)
*Now off to naps and later the local parade. Good times for a Thursday!


  1. The notes only get more fun the older they get. I got one tonight that said, "Um... yeah. It's obvious you hate me." Awesome. Another keeper, for sure.

    1. I laughed out loud. So not excited when ek learns how to spell. You must keep that note!

  2. Is it awkward to wonder what the writing is in the top right corner? Hmmm. . . .

    :) Katie

    1. Ha. It was ek spelling it and is. But I can see where you are going with it. Hilarious.


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