*Morning. Hope your weekend was fantastic. Ours involved a huge list that we didn't even get close to getting done. But a happy husband playing golf for the afternoon and then allowing myself to actually flee with a great friend for an evening, is much more important. Tonya and I got to leave bath times behind and go listen to my brother-in-law Tony sing. It was great weather, fun to see family/friends and did I mention not having to do baths??

*We are also pet sitting this week. More accurately fish sitting. I realize how deprived my kids are without a pet. They are so excited! As our friends dropped it off, I already discussed the finer points of where to purchase a replacement fish. Yes. I think they could tell we ooze confidence in keeping him alive. So far day 3 and he's still swimming. But...we still have several days to go and I may or may not have rescued the fish from a breakfast of pancakes from Betsy this morning. 
The fish is popular with everyone in the house.
*While we were discussing pets (which adds more pressure since my sister's family just got a new dog. Welcome to the family Saylor!) Ek gave me a list of pets that she would like. Topping the list were dogs and an ant colony. What the what? However on the no-pet list were alligators and electric eels. So I guess we dodged a bullet there?

*Betsy is the queen of night time stall. She has by passed the "I need a drink, I'm hot and I'm scared" phase. Last night she came out and told us "eye out, eye out" Apparently her conformer was bothering her, so we got all ready to take out her conformer. Then I realized that Zack took it out earlier in the day. It was a brilliant smoke screen and earned her 4 minutes out of bed. Point- Pirate Princess.

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