Weekends and apologies.

*Monday. You came waaayyyy to quickly. It might have possibly been my fault, since I stayed up until the wee hours watching Hoarders. Wow. So far this morning I have filled multiply bags for donate and trash. Or it might have been the early morning visit from Miss Betsy. How can a small child make a king size bed feel like the size of a saltine cracker? It's a mystery.

*This weekend went by quickly. Saturday we had a couple of fun girls come play. We amazingly enough kept them fairly entertained. Remember when you didn't want to be the first one to fall asleep at a slumber party? We discovered around here, when you are hard to wake up, science experiments get performed on you. Max woke up to everyone poking and prodding him with random toys. Thankfully he was a pretty good sport about it.

*Today I would like to issue a challenge to everyone. If possible, take the time to call up your mother and apologize. For what? Apologize for the years of complaining about what your mother fixed for dinner, apologize for the rolling of the eyes, apologize for the fake gagging sounds, just apologize across the board. I made a new recipe around here. Ek's response "Can we find another Mom who can come in here and cook us something we like?" So once again to recap: Ek is taking applications for moms who will not make her take a rest and will only cook meals that she approves of. Deadline today. So call up your mom and while you are at it, why not throw her for a loop and finally thank her for something else, like those years of piano lessons. I know I have.

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