Two in school!

*Yesterday was a big day for Max. He finally started preschool. He was so excited to finally walk into preschool instead of waiting to pick up/drop off big sister for the past 2 years.
He is all smiles. I tried to get him to match his clothes for the first day. But around here that is a battle that I don't chose to fight...yet.
New backpack plus riding bike without training wheels to school. Double bonus.
Here we go!
*This girl was also excited about being an only child for a bit. Her main goal...to touch and play with every toy of Ek and Max's. I think she succeeded. 
Yay for me! Side note: dad got her dressed this a.m. She HAD to wear the socks. I must admit that the blue polka dot socks really make the outfit "pop" She just makes me smile all.the.time.
*After picking up everyone, we had some great new friends over. Because of meeting new friends, I have decided to start yet another gang. I already am a charter member of the "Mom's of kids with one eye" Or "MOKWOE." As you may have guessed it's a small gang. But now I have started yet another one. "Friends who you think you know, but don't really know yet" or "FWYTYKBDRKY" (it's a working title. ha).I have made several new friends that I really feel like I know (thank you face book stalking) but haven't really spent time with. So now thanks to the new gang, we have several members and are attempting to actually meet in person. Please let me know if you want to join before I order the t shirts, they will be long sleeve in order to accommodate the name.

*To top the day off we had the school picnic last night. Which to this family means jumping on every inflatable thing there is and seeing how many free snow cones we can consume in 2 hours. I think we were successful on both accounts. Thankfully the snow cones did not make an appearance again on the moon bounce.
ek on the big slide 
This must be the 1st snow cone since the dress hasn't been stained purple yet.
serious snow cone consumption
*Now off to convince the younger 2 that taking a nap in rainy weather at 8:45 A.M. is a great idea.


  1. Any club that you lead spells F-U-N! Sign me up! :)

    1. I signed you up. You will be receiving a newsletter very soon!

  2. That BK is just about the cutest thing! Ever! In the history of Ever!

    I'd like to join the club. I need a t-shirt in medium please :)

    1. I will get your tshirt order on the list. We are excited to have you in the group!


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