The Flying Squirrel rides again

*This getting up super early for school is not working for me. (sad that its only day 2) So I have decided to home school. Totally kidding. Just thinking about school takes me back to a hard desk in a hot classroom laying my head on my arm zzzzzzzzzzz. Anyhoo We will muster through, or I will at least, no one else in the house seems to have a real problem with it. Ek came home yesterday and was great, then had a bit of an attitude, then this...
Down for the count. I even checked a couple times to make sure she was still breathing.
*On to other news. The flying squirrel has traded his cape in for a bit. This is what this silly 3 year old learned last night.
Go Squirrel Go!
This new skill just made bike rides A LOT more interesting.
*Now off to find the other two. They are being freakishly quiet and that's never good.

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