Kindergarten here we come!

*First day of Kindergarten around here today. Ek was up and ready at 7:10 this morning. She was so excited to go and pretty much kicked the rest of us out the classroom. Max was a sad guy this morning, but decided a donut could ease the pain of sister leaving. I have already morphed into Mr. Rogers changing out of my adult clothes to sweats as soon as we got home :) Here are some pictures from this morning.
Ready to go!

Ek with Millie (the fav babysitter) and Max.
Her desk.
Last picture before telling us to go :)
*We are excited to hear about her day, Max is already waiting by the door to pick her up. This could be a long morning :)


  1. This is so silly but I cried reading your post. The first day of kindergarten is so exciting...and a little sad.

  2. Such an exciting day!! For all of you!

  3. I agree with Danielle! It makes me a little teary-eyed and brings back the first day of school memories with my girls!


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