Peaches make everything better.

*Our day started off smooth. As in I actually had myself up early and ready to go. Pancakes were made and the routine was in full swing. Then came 3 lethargic kids with gross colds/cough combos. They all sat staring at their pancakes. Crud. Now the mom dilemma. Do you send your kid to school and have the potential to be black listed as she infects the entire class? Or keep her home on flipping day 3!!!!.  I asked her if she was excited to go, she responded yes, got dressed and went back to bed. Hello there's my answer. So here we are...
The movie watching crew. For some reason Betsy looks like she is a wax figure in this picture. Weird. I do like her diaper and belly hanging out. That my friends is how you relax.
*We do have these to keep us company. Our annual case of peaches. So wonderful, by the 3rd or 4th one you forget you don't feel good. However, tomorrow we will probably all be in bed with indigestion. Problems problems.
*Now we are taking a break from peaches for a bit of fort building. Tomorrow hopefully we will be on the mend and I already have breakfast ready to go!

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