Our Olympics

*In the spirit of the Olympics, we have come up with our own Olympic sport. This years new entry is synchronized closet climbing.
At the top you will notice a "No Parents Allowed" sign. The sign did result in a deduction.  No need to fret, I did snap a quick picture then proceeded to give them a lecture on closet shelf collapses. It was fun while it lasted. The gold was awarded to Max for height, Silver to Betsy for being so stinking quiet, that I had no idea what was transpiring and the Bronze for the mastermind, EK. 
*The next sport involved dresser/changing table fort building.
This was a short lived sport, ended before the younger two could compete. Needless to say the Olympics are ending around here, at least if this momma can stay on top of things. Considering that I tried to shut my own head in the door of the car the other day...I am not real confident that this is the end.
*We also had a fashion display of sorts yesterday.
Betsy did a nice job of displaying numerous accessories for fall.
Cowgirl Ek. I think the short boots and "all blue all the time" ensemble works for her. The stick horse helps pull the outfit together.
Max sports a KU shirt that was once worn by his momma and Aunt Katie. The buzz cut really makes this a nice summer look.
*Here's to the weekend! Try not to shut you head in a car door. Good advice any day of the week.

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