monday rambles.

*So it's the last week before school starts. I must admit the getting everyone out the door will be ugly. (Here is an early apology for my appearance to all the other mothers. Sorry for the view) Ek is ready for a change and some more daily entertainment. The nice part is Kindergarten is 1/2 day for the first part of the year. So we can ease ourselves into a bit.

*Ek got to spend the day with her Grammo yesterday. I must admit when she came home with a new outfit, shoes, mani/pedi (blue zebra stripes) and a big grin, I was a tad jealous. They had a grand day, we are so blessed to have so many people love our kiddos and want to spend time with them. However, I am hoping that Grammo Jane takes me the next time! On a side note, she did tell Grammo Jane that she would like to live with her, so that might solve the pesky early morning school issue after all?!

*Shockingly enough, we have actually spent some time outside! When the sun is still in the sky even! It's been great. Betsy is on the "take the stroller everywhere" kick. Ek was gracious enough to pull them both and Max even carried it in order to ride in the wagon :)

*Hope Monday is good to you.

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