K.C. hello again.

*The last couple of days we have been in Kansas City. 
new shades and a sucker. Life is grand.
Betsy had another EUA (examination under anesthesia). They put her under to make a new mold of her eye for another conformer and to examine her eye. It was a very long day again, but as always she was a trooper.
Meow gets a id bracelet. The highlight of her day. 
Still mesmerized. Good entertainment for an early morning wait
Reading with dad
Done! Now get this IV off of me! 
Little more reading in post-op

*The procedure went well. My stress level has finally gone down again. The Dr's decided that her real eye is doing well, pressure is stable and the size of the eye has not changed. The eye was very irritated, probably from the conformer rubbing on it. So they decided to postpone making/sizing/painting the new conformer for a couple of weeks. This was a bit disheartening since we were already there and the other 2 kids were taken care of. But wise words from a late night email from my friend Kari- Those surprises are never fun, but reality is things could always be worse so you do what you need to do. Seriously words I needed to hear. There are much worse things in life then taking another couple days in K.C. My emotions needed a reality check. 
Done and done.
*Now back to everyday life, which today involved an argument over whose waffle is bigger. Ahhhh.


  1. Great perspective, my friend.

    By the way, we just took a mini vacation and we were asking "road trip questions". One of the questions was "who is the funniest person you know?". I chose you :)

  2. Wow. That is a great honor. Thanks for making my day:)

  3. Kari is very wise! However you are certainly entitled to a little pitty pot, every now and then! Glad things went well and will continue to pray for more good news! Give Miss Betsy a kiss for me! Love you!


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