Cousin Camp

*Today we are having the last "Cousin Camp" before school starts. We took all 6 to do a bit of back to school shopping at BriarBerry Lane. Good stuff! Then in true camp fashion we ditched any sort of planned lunch for McDonalds. The "no clean up" is just too much of a good thing, no to mention the endless supply of ketchup. 
The best shot of the crew. Max looks like he is wishing he was with the family next to us. Betsy is a blur and Lulu wouldn't look at me, but all in all a good time.
*After lunch, Betsy used her charming smile and conned Aunt Katie into reading and singing to postpone naps.
Aunt Katie solidifies the "favorite aunt" award by singing endless rounds of Peter Cottontail.
*Loud and fun times in this household today. Now off to search for something for dinner...

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